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USA and … France again !

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  • 23/07/2014

Hi everybody, So, I just got back from holydays and I finally did some clean up on this website. First of all it now displays the correct address in the address bar (thanks Bart !) ! I also fixed some broken links and strange stuff like the contact page which was not displaying the correct form (BTW, you can always write to me at "jc [ @ ]"). Well, anyway, I wanted to give you 2 good pieces of information : - Kim Jung Gi will be at the San Diego ComicCom. Here is some info : "San Diego Comic-Con is only two days away! Kim Jung Gi will make his first-ever appearance at #SDCC, with...


Back on line

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  • 07/07/2014

Dear friends & blog readers, It's been a long time now, more than a month, that I have not posted a single article on this website, sorry about that ! In the meantime, I have been quite busy as we have toured France for 3 weeks with Kim Jung Gi & friends. We had a great time and more than a long story I will try to sum it up in the "European Tour 2014" section with plenty of pictures. So first, thanks a lot to Hyun Jin, Jaek Wang and Sang Woo for making this trip more than memorable ! Thanks a lot to the Galerie Glénat and Julien Brugeas Thanks to the Centre Culturel Coréen,...


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