Kim Jung Gi in Angoulême (France) this week !!

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  • 27/01/2014

Angoulême is the biggest and oldest festival in France. Each year, this small city gets totally crazy about comics with something like 250 000 people attending the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée (FIBD) . The festival has  unfortunatly only a very small amount of pages in english (quite surprising I think when you want to be called “International”, but anyway, we french people are a shame when it comes to speaking other languages…).

And the good news is … that Kim Jung Gi will be attending 🙂 I am sorry to announce it only now, so close to the event, but this was sort of a last minute for me as i learned about it only 2 days ago. KJG will be performing at a Concert Dessiné event (Illustrated Concert) on saturday around 14:00. He will also be signing and sketching (and you know how good he is at that !!!). You will find him at the Bruno Graff booth (H2) in the Para-BD section (Place des Halles)of the festival. Thanks Bruno for allowing us to get a space at your place 🙂

I think there should also be some signing/sketching on friday from 2:00 to 4:00, probably at the Korean exhibition, but this, i’m not totaly sure.

I’ll try to post more information when I have them, stay tuned !


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  • Frederic says:
    28/01/2014 at 18 h 22 min

    If I only knew this amazing news a few weeks earlier.
    Its impossible to find tickets for a plane or train in 2 days.
    and driving 1400km in one weekend.. also impossible..
    If Kim Jung Gi has other trips planned in Europe, please let us know
    A tour agenda would be a nice adition to your amazing site here

    Meeting KJG – Its one of the things on my bucket list! ( a list with stuff you want to doe before you die.

    On the good side – I hope you guys have an amazing time there
    have fun

    I look forward to get my second book that I bought this weekend (sketchbook 2011).
    The Sketchbook 2013 I reveived a week (or 2) ago and its worth every €!!! Aslo shipping and packing. Everything was really great,

    To everybody thats reads this – buy Kim Jung Gi’s books


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      29/01/2014 at 11 h 35 min

      Hi !
      Yes it is quite a shame to have learned it so late, but we’re planning more events in Europe later this year, and this time i’ll be sure to keep everybody posted waaaayyy in advance 🙂
      And thanks for those kind words too !


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