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  • Deep says:
    11/03/2013 at 17 h 59 min

    i am in India… What’s the amount for 2007 and 2001 sketch books in rupees to pay you to get the book


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      12/03/2013 at 17 h 09 min


      this website is oly for european and north american customers, if you live in India or Asia, please mail directly to KJG : superani58@gmail.com.




  • Marcelo Bravo says:
    08/03/2014 at 23 h 25 min


    Is there any insurance if the book dont arrive and i’ve already sent the money (bank transfer)?
    I had a problem in the past with buying on internet, becouse of that im a little distrusting.


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      10/03/2014 at 16 h 46 min

      Hi, yes … or no, depending on the kind or shipping you prefer. If you choose INSURED shipping, you get a tracking number and if ever the parcel get lost/stolen/damaged, you get a new one. If you choose UNINSURED shipping, there is no warranty. Of course, insured is more expensive. But we don’t make any profit on shipment, we just charge what the post offices charge us.


  • camilo says:
    10/03/2014 at 0 h 03 min

    hello I’m camilo from Latin America, to be more precise in Colombia and I want a copy of the 2013 edition. this I generated several questions for me like.
    1. possible the shipment to Colombia?
    2. As would cost including shipping to my country
    3. you can take this request into consideration

    for now I just want to inform, for in a future i like acquire one of these.


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      10/03/2014 at 16 h 52 min

      Hi Camilo !
      Sure, of course we ship to Colombia. In fact, there is not a signle country in the world we do not ship ! The cost depends of the number of books (so, the weight) and if you choose insured or uninsured option as detailled here. But don’t hesitate do drop me a line throught the contact page if you need help with that !


  • Bryan Simmy says:
    09/05/2014 at 16 h 14 min

    Hello! I’m from Singapore,
    I’m a student so I sadly cannot afford the shipping here on this site, I’m lucky to have a local store that has his sketch collections and i’m already slowly getting them, and recently I obtained the 2013 collection, but I noticed there wasn’t a poster inside the sealed box and the tag was different ( it shows a turtle drawing) from the 2007 tag (which was a drawing of a group of people and it has a signed poster), so i’m wondering is mine a “poster-less edition”? If there even is one. And if so, is there anyway I could get my hands on the signed poster? (Which I heard was issued to every issue)
    Forgive me if it was a lot of questions!


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      13/05/2014 at 17 h 23 min

      Hum, unfortunatly, I’m not sure, but this looks like a chinese copy 🙁 Normally there is poster-less edition !
      If you want send me some pictures and i’ll tell you (jc@optima-video.com)


  • John Matsui says:
    10/05/2014 at 3 h 58 min

    This is pretty damn presumptuous of me but what the heck. I would love to have Kim Jung Gi take a look at my eNovel for a potential graphic novel. I’ve linked the Amazon site to take a quick peek and will send the full book if he’s interested. It will be worth his while.


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      13/05/2014 at 17 h 21 min

      Hi John and thank for your message. I’ll transmit it but if I were you I would not hope too much. KJG is really overwhelmed with work and sollicited all over the world to work alone or with prestigious writers and he also has the “Spy Games” serie to work on, so the real solution would be to clone him 🙂


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