So, finally, the new Online Webshop has been opened for a few days, and it becomes slowly more and more functionnal 🙂

I’ve also been adding new products such as Prints, Stickers and soon Tee-Shirts.

The site is not exempt of problems as for example, the PayPal/Credit Card option does not display correctly when you want to order and pay with a smartphone or a tablet, but I hope this will be fixed in the very near future.

The address of the site is http://optima-video.com/KJG/PrestaShop. Not very sexy, I know, I’ll fix that too 🙂

Regarding the pre-order of Omphalos : the first shipment is supposed to be arriving in a french port by july 9th, so it will probably get to me around the 15/18th. Meanwhile, at SuperAni in Seoul, they are preparing the next shipment 🙂