Ompahlos is the new (june 2015) sketchbook by Kim Jung Gi.

If you are under 98 years old, if you are shocked by totaly insane drawings and if you didn’t fill 12 carbon copies of the A583829 European Community form, please go away. Otherwise, you can read further 🙂

So, what is it ?

Omphalos is a compilation of the best Erotic drawings that KJG has produced during the last years. Comic pages, illustrations, doodles …. every source has been included ! And even better than that : when the compilation of the drawing was ready, we decided to include some more drawings from the past works of KJG as a bonus material.

Bottom line : about 250 pages of new illustrations + 70 of the best previous ‘explicit’ stuff.


The book itself is a great object. I’ll dare to say a REALLY GREAT object ! The cover is made of high quality leatherette and has a great feeling in the hand. The inner pages are 120 g/m², so, thicker than previous books (the thickness of the book is exactly the same as the 2013 sketchbook which has more than 500 pages).
Of course, the book comes with a cardboard box to protect and store it, as all sketchbooks of KJG do.

Omphalos blanc


  • 336 pages
  • Size : about 29 x 23 x 3,7 cm (11 » x 8.5 »)
  • Paper : 120 g/m² of « ultra high quality rendez-vous paper » (yeah, that’s the name of it !)
  • Leatherette cover
  • ISBN : 978-89-959732-4-0
  • Price : 99 €




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