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How can you draw so well without photographic reference? Is there a certain way you train your self?

I observe things all the time. I don’t take references while I’m drawing, but I’m always collecting visual resources. I observe them carefully on daily basis, almost habitually. I study images of all sorts and genres.

How can you create such perfect images of fish-eye perspective?

I’m always thinking about perspective and space, and when I’m drawing I try to expose my knowledge as much as I can. I’ve never been taught about fish-eye perspective by someone. I just naturally got used to it as I’ve been constantly observing space. To give you a tip, understanding the principles of cube is a big help.

When did you start drawing? How, or with who did you learn?

I’ve been drawing since I as a kid. I went to an art academy for the first time in the summer vacation of the second year in high school. I’d never been taught by someone, but I studied Korean college examination art in the academy.

How can you draw so well without guidelines?

I think anyone can do it if one has a strong image in his/her mind. Of course it requires practices. You need to be confident while you are expressing your vision with your hand. It may seem difficult at first time, but practicing will make it easier.

Your work seems to have the fish eye lens effect and looks very energetic; do you usually keep any photos for reference of the perspective?

I have many dynamic photographs with some extreme perspectives like fish-eye, but I hardly look at any of them when I work. I try to focus on the image I see in my brain. But I do try to observe those pictures and memorize the images.

When drawing those large scale drawings, do you usually know what you’re going to draw before or you let yourself free and draw depending on that particular moment?

I have a very rough, vague scheme before I start drawing, but I add details as I work on.

Could you explain me your technique of drawing? I’ve heard people mentioning ‘Conscious Drawing’, what exactly is that?

I work without reference, but it doesn’t mean I never look at them. I just don’t work « based » on pictures or don’t copy them. I observe references all the time and try to memorize them all. It’s nothing special, I have been used to it since I was a kid.

What could you recommend young artists to do and study to improve their drawing skills?

As I have noted above, more references and experience will make better works.

Was the style you have something you pursued or something that naturally evolved with you?

I don’t think I have much experience in copying or imitating. I’ve worked on my favorite subjects since I was young, and it just came naturally.

What other hobbies do you have when you’re not drawing?

I’m into motorcycles but my wife would never let me buy one. I’m planning to get a Ducati pretty soon though. I would love to have a long drive in a remote highway…