Hi everybody !

These past weeks have been really busy and we didn’t post much, but it was for good reasons and here I come with some news !

First, the Sketchbook 2016 is finished and ready to print ! And whooooooo … It’s a hell of a book !! The design, selection and editing has been done (as usual) by Hyun Jin KIM and will feature only unprecedently published material. 400+ pages of GREAT ART !

International pre-orders will start soon, we’ll keep you posted.

And, there will be a SPECIAL EDITION ! White clothe cover with an original drawing by Kim Jung Gi !!! This is going to be fabulous … I just can’t wait 🙂

Also, KJG just finished his next Comic Book with Jean-David Morvan (and no, it’s not yet SpyGames 2, he’s working on this one right now, to be published december 2016/Jan 2017) : a great story about world famous photographer Steve McCurry (Dupuis Ed.- Colors and grey by Walter Pezzali).


Then, what’s next in the box ? Another great book featuring both Kim Jung Gi and incredible japanese artist KATSUYA Terada

And 2 Deluxe Versions of SpyGames 1 and the McCurry comic book…

That’s of lot of new books coming 🙂 Stay tuned, more news soon !