Hi friends,

So, after some holidays, here I am, back at work, and with some good news : the boat carrying the 2016 sketchbooks (Normal Edition) as just arrived yesterday in France, port of Le Havre. The books are now processed through customs and we should get them quite soon, next monday I think.

Then, we will ship orders as fast as we can :))

For those of you who were lucky enough to order the Limited Edition : Kim Jung Gi has not done them yet as he has been on tour in the USA for the last 2 months. So, I have no news so far and I won’t pretend to make any promess regarding those ones, but my feeling is that we will get them later in september or october !

See you soon !



Photo : Kim Jung Gi on the verge of falling in the Grand Canyon 🙂
Credit : Hyun Jin KIM