The 2013 Sketchbook

The 2013 sketchbook is the third one in the series. It is the same size as the 2011 sketchbook, which is 29 x 23 cm. It has 536 pages, weighs 3 kilos and goes for a  price of 89 €.

Like the previous sketchbooks, you’ll find a bit of everything in it, including the sketches KIM Jung Gi made during his trip to France in summer 2012. As always, this is all brand new material, nothing from the 2007 or 2011 sketchbooks was reprinted.


2013 SB face

Content (samples)

For a full (and independent ^^) review of the book, I strongly suggest you have a look on Parka’s Blog. And when you’re done with this review, don’t miss the other ones, Parka’s got a really great website!

Here is a small sample of the sketchbook’s content :

Sketchbook 13 Full Content video

A video by DrBlack YANG (4′ 27”)


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