Tiger The Long Tail

Tiger the Long Tail -or TLT– is a series of 6 comic books illustrated by KIM Jung Gi and written by Seung-Jin PARK. It was published by CNC révolution between 2008 and 2010.

Tiger the Long Tail reveals the story of the tiger Taeho who wakes up every morning from a recurring nightmare. In his dream, Taeho dangles off the edge of a cliff with one hand, while struggling to hold onto the hand of a co-worker dangling below him. The dream ends when he loses his grip and they both fall into a bottomless pit. In reality, Taeho lives the life of a slob in a tiny flat located  in the slums and chronically fails every job interview one after the other. But one day, he receives a strange letter that reads “If you want to conquer the world… get on the bus. You have been selected. The bus leaves on Saturday, September 27th at 11PM.” He goes on a blind date set up by his neighbor Raccoon where he meets Rachel. And for some mysterious reason, she knows about this “bus”. After investigating the letter, Taeho learns that the “bus” will take him to a training facility operated by the powerful corporation Daesan Pharmaceuticals. Will Taeho make the cut and become a new employee of Daesan? And what does the corporation mean by “conquer the world?”

There are two different styles used for this 6-volume series. The first 4 volumes are not in the traditional comic book style, rather they  have 3 or 4 small illustrations per page that work as comic panels, sometimes with sub-text. Volumes 5 and 6 are traditional, with full comic pages and include  bonus pages in black & white.

Each book is about 200 pages, for a size of 20×15 cm.

These books are, sadly, not available for sale on our website… but we are dedicated to making it possible!

Oh, and I almost forgot… the book is only in Korean!

  • 200 pages
  • Size : 20×15 cm
  • 6-volume series
  • Language : Korean
  • full comic pages + bonus pages in black & white