The 2016 Sketchbook

Beautifully laid out and designed by Hyun Jin KIM – no, they are not related 🙂, this sketchbook contains 400 pages packed with selected drawings Jung Gi produced between 2014 and 2016 and features a black cover with white and gold illustrations. His 2015 sketchbook, Omphalos, features only his erotic work, none of which is depicted in the 2016 sketchbook, making the latter suitable for most audiences.

This already gorgeous sketchbook also exists in an extra special edition, each printed with a plain black cloth cover upon which Kim Jung Gi sketched a unique drawing, with a cardboard box for storage and protection.

Whoever was lucky enough to snatch one of these editions now has a KIM Jung Gi original drawn right on the cover! Only 100 copies of this extra special edition exist,  of which a mere 30 were sold in Europe; of course, they sold out very, VERY fast!

We anticipate offering similar limited special editions of Kim Jung Gi’s sketchbooks in the future, so for those who didn’t manage to score a limited special edition, remain on the the watch, for another opportunity may present itself! 😉

  • Pages:  448
  • Size:  29cm x 23cm
  • Cover:  Hard Cover
  • ISBN:  978-89-959732-6-4
  • Price:  109€
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