The 2011 Sketchbook

The 2011 sketchbook is Kim Jung Gi’s second compilation and it is … well … even more impressive than his 2007 sketchbook!

700 pages containing an eclectic collection: drawings, sketches, erotic drawings, doodles, pictures of live drawing sessions, comic pages, portraits, caricatures… of everything and anything that KIM Jung Gi’s amazingly fertile imagination was inspired to reveal on paper! 🙂  None of Kim Jung Gi’s previous works have been duplicated in his 2011 sketchbook, it is all new and original work.  Like all Kim Jung Gi’s sketchbooks, it comes in a cardboard box for storage and protection.

Pictures are worth a thousand words – I could gladly rave on about the greatness of his work but I will refrain and allow Kim Jung Gi’s remarkable talent to speak for itself  😉– I invite you to have a look at the portfolio and video below!

  • Pages:  700
  • Size:  29cm x 23cm
  • ISBN:  978-89-959732-1-9
  • Price:  109 €
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