Here are a few videos of KJG drawing.

Cheering for Korean players at Sochi Olympic- 3’27”


Angoulême Comics Festival 2015 – 4’14”


Mont Blanc advertisement – 1’01”

Maghen / Christies 2 – 5′ 18”

 Spy Games (Glénat) – 2′ 50”

Sudden Attack 4’37”

Collaboration with Bernard Werber 1’00”

Kim jung gi in Samsung smart TV advertisement 3’16”

Kim Jung gi Drawing show in 포항 (mural all topics) 19’03”

after Massive black workshop (fine detailled drawing all topics) 4’00”

KJG in Angoulême 2014 8’44”

Kim Jung Gi 2013 Massive Black workshop (animal xx) 6’29”

Kim jung gi : Awesome demonstration of drawing! 3’28”


Kim Jung Gi : Godlike demonstration of drawing! (drawing in drawing, kid) 1’54”

 Site painting SHOW (10′ 14″)

For the record, this is probably the first video that KJG has published on the internet. Jean-David MORVAN relayed it on Facebook on oct. 2011, I saw it and thought …whoaaaah … I need to meet this guy !! At the time, I was running the Strasbourg Comic Festival, so I invited him, and now, here we are !!


75 minutes demonstration (75′)

Here you go for the long run : an accelarated 75 minutes demo … worth browsing through, even if don’t have time to watch the full show !


Motorcycle ! (9’58”)

KJG loves motocycles … and he surely can draw them ! This one is real speed (not accelerated). Magic marker on white board (what a shame!).


Drawing show in China (10′)

If you’d only have to watch one, watch this one ! (Nov 2012)


You can also check out 2 videos displaying the content of KJG’s sketchbooks in the Art : Sketchbooks… section.



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  • 이성훈 says:
    07/07/2013 at 11 h 21 min


    김정기님의 그림을 보고 반한 시에틀에 거주하고 있는 한국인입니다 🙂

    전 미국에서 산업 디자인을 아트센터에서 졸업하고 현재는 보잉사에서 비행기를 디자인 일을 하고 있답니다.

    김정기님의 그림이 너무 훌륭해서 제가 붓으로 그린 그림을 한점 구입해서 저의 신혼집 거실에다가 걸어두고 싶어서 연락을 드립니다.

    혹시나 통제구역 6(sudden attack) 구입을 할수있나해서 여쭈어 봅니다.
    판매 완료된 작품이면 이런 비슷한 종류의 붓으로 그린 그림종류 구입을 원합니다.
    제가 8월초 쯤에 한국에 부모님을 뵈로 잠깐 한국에 나간답니다. 그럼 연락 주세요. 판매 가격도 제시해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.

    그럼 멋진 하루 보내세요 🙂



  • 이성훈 says:
    07/07/2013 at 11 h 36 min

    아참 이 작품도 구입이 가능한지 여쭈어 주시면 감사드리겠습니다

    작품명: kim jung gi drawing show in china


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  • geonome says:
    04/07/2017 at 3 h 53 min

    when are you making a movie…i will pay the heck out of it to watch it ,…man you could be the next ghibli studios…do justice to ur storytelling….man


    • Jean-Christophe Caurette says:
      04/07/2017 at 9 h 15 min

      Ahaha That would take a LOT of time :)) But thanks a lot for the incentive 🙂


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