The 2022 Sketchbook

You’ve been waiting for it for the past FOUR years, and here it finally is: the NEW KIM JUNG GI sketchbook! 🙂

Originally, we were planning to release it in summer 2020, but guess what, Covid decided otherwise. So, instead of touring the world to amaze us with his incredible skills, Jung Gi stayed home and drew. A LOT! Witness the results of two years of production PLUS two years of confinement; 480 pages of magical illustration.

As with every other sketchbook, the pages are filled with sketches, portraits, caricatures, cityscapes, comics and all sorts of true-to-life characters, whose lines are so dynamic that they almost seem to move towards you as they attempt to leave the page! Kim Jung Gi’s stunning use of perspective is the key to this impression of movement which invites you into the depths of his drawings. You could look at a page for hours and still notice new details you missed at the beginning. The different techniques and colours used throughout the sketchbook add to its complexity, and so you will never tire of looking at it!

Behold! Within resides an infinity of worlds and stories, testament to the boundless creativity of the artist. We don’t normally use so many superlatives, but believe us, this bible of illustration deserves every one .

Oh, the book also comes with a folded A2 poster.

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  • Pages:  480
  • Size:  28 cm x 21.4 cm
  • Cover:  Hard Cover
  • ISBN:  978-2-38289-045-5
  • Price:  109€