The 2016 Sketchbook

Update June 4th, 2016

Here is the first peak at the 2016 sketchbook 🙂

Sketchbook 2016

Beautifully designed by Hyun Jin KIM, the new sketchbook features a black cover with white and gold drawings. It will be a 400 pages fully packed book featuring most drawings that Jung Gi has done since 2013. Omphalos (realeased in 2015) was featuring only erotic work and so this 2016 book will feature nearly NO nudity, so, it’s quite suitable for most audiences. The size is the same as the 2011/2013/Omphalos.

Additionnaly, there will be 100 copies of the book with a totaly black cloth cover on which Jung Gi will draw some original illustration. The quantities will be : 30 for Europe, 30 for North America, 30 for Asia and 10 for close collaborators.

Prices are not totally determined yet but should be in the same range as the previous ones (around 89 €) for the normal edition. For the special edition, we are still talking about it.

Pre-orders will start shortly on the SHOP, stay tuned 🙂 We’ll talk about it here and on Facebook.

See you soon !

© 2017 / All images : Kim Jung Gi - Site : JC Caurette

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