It has already been a year since Kim Jung Gi left us, and it is still hard to believe that he will no longer be practising his magic before our very eyes. This past year has been an opportunity to take stock with his wife, two children, and Hyun Jin Kim, his manager and friend. This time of reflection made one thing very clear: they are united in the decision to keep Jung Gi’s memory and art alive. As a result, several projects are currently underway, and we are delighted that the first ones are ready to meet light of day.

Opening of the Kim Jung Gi museum in Seoul

The ultimate tribute to Kim Jung Gi’s incredible talent was to establish a museum in his honour.

The KIMJUNGGI MUSEUM safeguards his massive talent, immense creativity and artistic spirit for future generations, and allows visitors to follow in Kim Jung Gi’s artistic footsteps.

Nestled in the heights of Paju, in an idyllic setting, the museum is situated in a unique location, close to the Superani studio where Kim Jung Gi worked. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the artist and be inspired by his creative genius.

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Exhibition in Paris

The first exhibition outside Korea since his death, this tribute to Kim Jung Gi showcases his exceptional talent.

This exhibition celebrates the opening of the Kim Jung Gi Museum in Korea. Kim Jung Gi’s works and collaborations are displayed in 4 separate dedicated areas:

  • Retrospective of his works, with plenty of original pieces
  • A gigantic 10m fresco
  • “Thinking” space: a place for meditation and reflection with a live drawing videos space
  • Ceramics customised by Kim Jung Gi

When: 11/16/2023 to 03/16/2024
Where: Korean Cultural Centre in Paris
Entry: Free

Presentation of the exhibition (taken from the official website of the KCC)

From November 16, 2023 to March 16, 2024, the Korean Cultural Center in Paris is organizing an exhibition in tribute to the artist Kim Jung-Gi, best known for his graphic performances in which he created freehand frescoes live and in public. The Korean artist had a special bond with France, where he began his international career in Strasbourg in 2012, and died in Villepinte in 2022.

Critically acclaimed, Kim Jung Gi was considered by many to be a very promising cartoonist, his dynamic pen filling canvases and blank pages with a multitude of characters that look like they’ve been captured in motion. To pay tribute to him and to celebrate the opening in Korea of the brand-new museum dedicated to hiḿ, the Korean Cultural Center presents an exhibition bringing together several works by Kim Jung Gi, as well as collaborative works that particularly marked his career.

The exhibition, which is divided into several areas on the second floor of the Korean Cultural Center, presents different facets of Kim Jung Gi’s work.

First, the public discovers the “Thinking” space, conducive to meditation and reflection, where drawing is combined with traditional music. The percussive sounds of musician Kim Sora resonate to give a new dimension to Kim Jung Gi’s drawings, thanks to the sonorities of the ajaeng (a kind of Korean zither), the saenghwang (mouth organ) and the jing (large metal gong). The music creates a connection that reflects the image of tiny stars floating around us. Seats are provided for visitors to enjoy the soothing atmosphere created by drawing and music. Several video displaying ‘Live Drawing’ are also played.

The exhibition continues with a 10-metre fresco, Kim Jung Gi’s most imposing work (he spent 3 months on it !). Each element of this gigantic drawing interweaves to give life to a veritable “Connected World”.

In the next space, visitors discover a retrospective of the illustrator’s work (including sketches from the start of his career, comic book pages and much more). Some of Kim Jung Gi’s collaborations are also presented, such as the pair of sneakers he designed for Adidas, or his performance for PSG at the Parc des Princes football club in Paris. This room also aims to introduce visitors to Kim Jung Gi’s international career, particularly in France.

Finally, the visit ends with Kim Jung Gi’s surprising and wonderful collaboration with the Gwangjuyo ceramics brand. Some of the ceramics have been customized by the artist himself. Many ceramists have subsequently been influenced by Kim Jung Gi’s working philosophy, creating unique pieces.

Curator: Haeyoung KIM

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