On april 5th, for the first time, Kim Jung Gi will participate at a auction sale at the very prestigious House “Christies” for a special sale of “Chefs d’oeuvres de la Bande DessinĂ©e et de l’Illustration” where will be displayed works by Uderzo, Franquin, Pratt, Bilal, Tardi, Moebius, Lacombe, Graffet, Frazetta, Mignola and 200 other famous artists.

The expertise is provided by the very famous french galierist Daniel Maghen. For more information, you can write to them at bd@danielmaghen.com.

The work that will be on sale by Kim Jung Gi depict legendary animals and people from Korea. Technique is brushpen + chinese black ink+ water.

Size is 1.50 m x 1 m.

Enjoy !

2014-02-13 Kim Jung Gi pour vente Christies - Copy