Hi friends!

Needless to say it’s been a while since we shared news of our beloved Kim Jung Gi on this page.

However, there’s something happening today that is definetly worth sharing with the whole wide world: The Lotte Museum of Art in Seoul is dedicating an exhibition to Jung Gi’s art! The exhibition is called ‘The Other Side’ and thousands of drawings will be on display. Plus, Kim Jung Gi himself will also be doing some of his famous live drawing performances in the exhibition hall.

‘How could this get any better?’, you ask ? Well, the exhibition is going to last for not less than three months ! So, if you are lucky enough to be in Seoul right now – like we so deeply wish we were – or will be visiting soon, we highly suggest you go take a look at our talented artist’s work. It is definetly a must-see.

A trailer of the exhibition is available on Caurette’s Intagram.

More info on the museum’s website here!