Sorry, this is a long time i hav’nt posted anything ! I was … abducted by ETs and just escaped… i’ll tell you one day if I can regain my memories …

In the meantime, here is an article about KJG that was published in french biggest manga magazine : Animeland (and they, of course, deserve all the credit for the article).

Article AnimeLand 194

The english translation is from Christophe Jannin-Powell with his authorization (thanks a lot Christophe!) :

“Lots of western artist are now crazy of the korean Jung Gi Kim. He began his carreer doing “manwha” which he is currently teaching. But more interesting are his sketchbooks, they put the planet on its knees. Widely published they display 3 different talents which artists are dreaming of :

– He don’t use any preliminary sketching, as complicated his illustration could be. It is sharp in his mind and because of his training he is able to do his line art straight on the paper. It helps to build a hierarchy of the different scenes and make the eye “feel” what’s happening in the picture, wether is is on the foreground or the background (The artist “Boulet” masterizes it too).
– He takes fun to systemize perspective on a fish-eye way. He assembles the scene like it is seen through a an extreme wide-angle lens, like refelected on a mirror ball. Not to precise it is particularly hard to do without a preliminary sketch.
– If you notice a photorealistic armored “humvee” or a M4 gun, you think straight away to a strong picture documentation. You’re right but, it’s all in his head. Jung Gi Kim is an observation machine, keeping and storing what he sees. it then, without alteration, pops up in his illustrations.

This 3 magic powers allowed him to do more than 2000 incredible illustrations, full of life, sometimes surrealistic, like “exquisite corpses”, mixing animal documentary, war journalism and old black and white movie. After Windsor Mc Cay (the father of “Little Nemo”) he is the second “sacred monster” in his kind of drawing.
Don’t wait to discover his work !”

PS : And Yes, i know, the title of the page is “Live from Japan”, but this is just a general title for the pages including news from Asia…