Do you miss Kim Jung Gi? We have some good news: he’ coming back with a huge surprise.

Do you remember his comic SpyGames (Glénat Editions) published in 2014? Well, now he will draw volume 2… entirely in front of your eyes!

Familiar with public exhibitions and shows, the master of drawing gives you an appointment every Wednesday and Thursday at 10am (Paris time zone) from June 3rd. Every week during a few months, for more than 3 hours, Kim Jung Gi will draw one or two pages of Spygames 2, live on Facebook and Youtube.

Here are the links to watch all the lives :

See you soon !

Edit: Following to several questions, a word of explanations. SpyGames is a serie of comics published in France, in French, by Glénat. The script is by famous writer Jean-David Morvan who has published more than 230 comics. So far, the book only exists in French, but is is available worldwide with an English translation (pdf).
Discover the first volume of SpyGames here or buy it on our Liberdistri website.